Dear Chicago and Naperville magazine print advertising clients:

Starting with our June 2014 issue and effective immediately, we will be transitioning to another Ad Upload server for all Chicago and Naperville magazine print ads. The terms and conditions regarding ad reproduction from digital files are still in place. They can be found below and on the sidebar of the upload link below. *

If you know all of the information regarding your ad order including your Account Manager name, please proceed to

If you would like some assistance, please contact your Account Manager. It is very important that incomplete forms not be submitted, so please do not hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager or call Jennifer Jezler at 312.832.6749. Thank you!

* There is no implied guarantee for color reproduction, missing images, fonts, type, incorrect sizes, prices or dates. While Publisher will make every effort to catch possible errors, this is to acknowledge Chicago/Naperville magazine (i.e. Publisher) will not be held liable for any mistakes, omissions or color shifts in the printed magazine. All advertisements submitted to Publisher are accepted only upon the express condition that the Advertiser and Agency each agrees to hold harmless and defend the Publisher, its printer(s), and all participating publisher(s) against any and all claims arising out of or relating to copy, copyrights, trademark, or other material in any advertisement that may be illegal, unauthorized, or damaging in any way to any person or legal entity.